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The Ultimate Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts

Less clicking > More work done > More fun

This guide provides you with a list of useful keyboard shortcuts.  We emphasize the practical use of each shortcut and provide examples of how these may make your life easier.

Please use the links above to navigate your way around and keep coming back for more cool shortcuts.

If you have suggestions or know of a shortcut we have not covered (which is very unlikely :) please let us know so we can let everyone else know!

Understanding your computer

In addition to the usual boring lists of shortcuts you find everywhere, we set out to explain why each shortcut may be interesting to you and how it can save you from clicking around.  We give you examples based on our years of experience using computers for work and entertainment, as well as your own suggestions.

At times, we will give you useful links to a lot of interesting information on other websites and may even explain to you some under-the-hood computer secrets.  Armed with what you learn here, you can go out there and impress everyone with your quick fingers ;)

Why we do this

All our efforts are aimed at making your and our own lives easier.  Many of us spend hours a day working with a computer and many of us perform the same tedious tasks over and over again.

So – because we actively despise inefficiency, and because our friends and colleagues asked us to do this – we are bringing you the hopeful soon-to-be "The Ultimate Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts".